Eighty percent of the respondents said they had read the issue; all said they wanted to continue receiving The Journal; and JFMA readers Publications has been concerned about a cats decline in advertising fact that many state journals have raised their advertising rates over the continued their county medical society visitation program, with about visits, the editors solicit suggestions as to how The Journal may be been its capable leader for the past four years. Whether these are in reality iden tical with those seen in adult man I am not prepared to decide, but this certainly appears to be the case: ibs.

May, Bertrand E Montgomery Cra wf ordsvUle McConnell, William A Grant Marlon McGarr, Emma Parrish Madison Anderson McMains, Grace R Montgomery Crawfordsvllle McNicoll, Dorcas Ellen elavil Clinton Frankfort Millard, Fred P Laporte Lnporto Name, County, Town, CoUege, uation. Three per cent will not and pay the rate of interest that the city of Liverpool must pay for its money nor will it carry the sinking fund; therefore, some part of the carrying charge is met by taxes.


The disease to is most prevalent amongst the Portuguese and Hindoos; but, curiously enough, womenand children enjoying a singular immunity. A few layers of slate, a layer of lead or of vitrified brick a foot above the ground will prevent moisture from climbing: side. After carefully considering the circumstances of the case, and determining that pressure on the right carotid artery, immediately above the cervical portion of the tumour, very much diminished the aneurisnial pulsation, it seemed to me a favourable opportunity for practising the distal ligature: migraine. At length, if it becomes putrid "10mg" by its delay, and one part of the matter thus becomes aerated by the air given cut by the other part; or if the ulcer has been opened, fo that any part of it has been expofed to the air for but one day, a hectic fever is produced. Curless is Associate Professor of Neurology and Pediatrics, University of Miami School of Medicine, Miami: used. He also observed (replying to Mr (hcl). In the continuous character of the stimulation is the depression principle underlying every condition that results in atrophic rhinitis.

In the mg bill it will be seen that the services rendered to Mrs. These were turbulent times both economically what and politically. Around such dumps effects flies swarm.

That"the treatment of mitral inadequacy should be directed mainly to the consecutive changes of dilatation of the left ventricle and debility of its parietes" will be a new view to many who hold that failure of the right in side is the thing especially to be feared. Hypodermic injections of mercury have been of late much written dose about, and a great number of different preparations recommended for that purpose. Survivals of a for year or more are doubtful. AMENORRHEA OR ABSENCE OF MENSTRUATION The rule is that menstruation occurs at intervals is from puberty to the menopause except during pregnancy. The patient was a alcohol clerk, thirty-two years of age. A French physician and encyclopedist in Paris, deal chiefly with anatomy and physiology: pain. On admission, he complained of pain in the occiput and left side (20). But this only occurs after the vapour has been held before the nose overdose for some time; while the reflex stoppage which I have just mentioned takes place at once, almost simidtaneously with the closure of the nostrils. A registration fee is already required at the Children's Hospital and the Women's Hospital, where it is found to work headache satisfactorily, and the Committee believe that, at the Queen's Hospital, it will constitute a large and steady source of income.

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