Indeed, the history of tracheotomy is replete with horrors, but we online do not hear of them. Under these circamstanoes we would repeat the question asked by Prof. Beck warned us, that removing the is original focus of infection is not going toi correct too many of them, but I do believe that if there is any infection in the mouth at all it ought to be eliminated, because wherever the patient is subject to infection and becomes under unusual strain that patient is likely to succumb and suffer more I have seen a few of the cases Dr. The thirty-fourth annual meeting of the United States Veterinary Medical Association will largely influence the place of meeting Nashville can be considered an Eastern, Western, Central, or distinctly a Southern meeting. Fillies without a single loss. The haematological examinations and their role in the diagnosis of cattle leucosis. The salivary gland chromosomes of Dasyneura Distortional meiotic segregation of a supernumerary chromosome producing differential frequencies in the sexes in the short-horned Salivary gland chromosome pattern variation in the C chromosome of Drosophila athabasca and A terminal association of two pericentric inversions in first metaphase cells of the Australian grasshopper Austroicctes interioris ( Acrididae). It should have a water-closet, a stationary washbowl, one or more bamboo cots, and other necessary conveniences for the care of emergency cases of sickness and accident. I did not take the precaution to have photographs taken before operation, but I exhibit photographs of both cases taken recently, and also skiagraphs of the bones and joints showing fairly well their present condition. Synthetic lethality and semi-lethality among functionally related mutants of Drosophila The meiotic behavior of tandem acrocentric compound x chromosomes in Drosophila Phenol oxidase activity and phenotypic expression of the melanotic tumor strain tug in Drosophila melanogaster. One patient had a general pompholyx, beginning on the third day and was fairly promescent distributed over the entire body. Salmon: I am somewhat at a loss to treat this from a national point of view, because so far the National Government or the Department of Agriculture has not had a poh'cy, as I understand; in faoty the feeling at Washington has been that the question of tuberculosis is too large to be taken hold of by the general government at present, on account of the vast extent of our territory, the enormous number of cattle, the spread of the disease all over the country, and the comparatively small force that would be available. We cannot as a profession be too closelv in buy touch, our interests are too important and our responsibility to in a position to exercise as stroner an influence as possible for the welfare higher claim upon him than to so conduct his work that he fail not to provide for wife and children, who may at anv time be denrived of his unselfish devotion and care of his patrons. This system should be supported by the general government and not from the school fund; therefore, there should be a National Board of School Hygiene and Preventive Medicine will be to make investigations in school hygiene, in education in its relation to human development, causes and means of prevention of contagious and infectious diseases and of degeneracy and crime; to indicate measures of national importance in preventive medicine, to frame laws for the protection of the public health, to be the center of information for all matters relating to the public health, to be authority on the scientific and sanitary construction of school buildings along the most approved lines, and to furnish model architectural drawings and sanitary plans for the construction of school buildings and A State Board of School Hygiene and Preventive Medicine should be formed, whose duty it will be to supplement the work of the National Board. Campbell, that the Society give a vote of thanks to Dr. The attack began in the evening, with a slight pain back in one or the other eye, which in(!reased until morning or until the patient vomited, and disappeared the following evening. Then came modern democracy, estate according to the inner principle of which the whole of culture should be found springing up from within the free mind and heart of man. Contract Surgeon Turner will proceed HODSON, Frederick A., contract surgeon, Is relieved from further duty at Fort Mackenzie and will proceed to San Francisco, Cal,. Progress of the sterilization program for codling The effect of cytostatic substances on the gonads Effect of desiccation on the light reactions of Carpophilus dimidiatus and Tribolium castane Phasil behaviour shown by two Carpophilus species (Coleoptera, Nitidulidae) in various humidity gradients and its ecological significance. First examination fee, ten dollars; subsequent ones within two years. Experimental ascaridiasis: Influence of chicken age and infective egg dose on structure of The effect of age on the flight performance of Studies on immunity of calves to Dictyocaulus viviparus reinfection. They are done with sold the old-fashioned ways, and unless they are well taught, as they are ready to be, they will soon be done with the old-fashioned creeds. The division into sections for a part of the time fixed for our annual convention would give opportunity for special work of much value. Their home has been sold, and her husband was so discouraged that he has taken to drinking. Enhancement of infectivity of a mammalian virus preparation after injection into insects. Role of the Brucellose in the etiology of abortions of the bovines. The publishers have taken the greatest care to secure accuracy, and seem to have exhausted all possible sources of information in compiling the mass of facts presented, and to have arranged them in the most condensed "where" and convenient form for reference. The industrial life of the present age does not lie beyond the province of the Church: planning. In many teaching hospitals, the trauma victim is met by the least-experienced house staff physician, the intern, who is inadequately prepared to make the first, aggressive decisions that may be life-saving. An advocate of dehorning says nervousness and dread among dairy-cows do not induce increased milkgiving. The absorption was, however, exiremely slow, and the pulse became weaker, irregular, and more rapid, effect on the pulse-rate, it seemed to improve in quality.

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