Europe has only recently emerged from an endemic of cholera, and the daily press has been full of "prescription" numerous descriptions of this dread disease, its fearful ravages, and its deadlv microbe. A good-sized placenta was near the uterus in the enlarged right tube, with the cord going to the fetus through an opening in the tube, while the tube "cheap" near the placenta was BaOOUlated witli several ounces of jmis.


The author is evidently not only a master in his special department, but also an artist in setting forth his mg knowledge.

I have been focussing on how literature and science were united for Mitchell through a"moral" imagination, and, more accutane generally, on the place of morality in medicine and literature. Actual pressure, with consequent edema, are, no doubt, sufficient to explain the appearances. That syphilis is fast losing its malignancy there is scarce a doubt in the minds of those who have traced the history of the direase from its earliest recognition, and I firmly believe that the future generation will see this once-dreaded malady 500 and former scourge of mankind so far divested of its terrors as to be classed along with the other exanthemata. The bleeding was not great and not active, but consisted of a steady oozing In order to deal with the pedicle and secure thoroughly the renal without vessels, I had made a transverse incision in the abdominal parietes at right angles to the median incision, and extended this into the left lumbar region. In general, as Surgeon-General Rixey maintains at the conclusions of the report, a comprehensive review of the work shows a high grade of efficiency in the medical department. Willich is equally minute, and here he gets hold of a Low German, the celebrated anatomist Camper, who, admiring the profession of King Crispin, wrote" a particular book," as Willich calls it, on the proper form and size of shoes. A great rx deal ol know! edge had been gained, and a great deal more momentarily forgotten, but it is in a place if can be recalled undei propel stimulation. The work of Major Wisser, recently editor of the Journal of the United States Artillery, has been directed along this line for many years and the present authoritative treatise is the result of his extended studies in this direction. It is considered much more efficacious in many diseases of the skin, especially venereal eruptions, and in abuse of mercury. A good-sized grooved staff is passed through the urethra into the bladder, and upon this staff, guided by the nail of the left forefinger placed in the groove from the surface of the perineum, as a guide to it, the point of the knife, its cutting edge being upward, is pushed into the groove of the staff alongside the finger nail, and all the tissues, including the urethra, may be divided with one cut about half an inch in length. There seems to the writer a possibility that dementia precox with its hebephrenic, katatonic and paranoid forms, may become the new universal disease (" Universalkrankheit"), into which large numbers of cases may be thrown, and which will give rise at no distant date to as much discussion as has attended paranoia. Upon these advantages or disadvantages depends tablet a great deal what our decision should be in individual cases. Community General Hospital, Reading, albenza Pennsylvania. this! Digg this! RSS 2.0 TOP