Chronic Bright's disease represents now one of the most hopeless of problems.

In the latter months of pregnancy it is important that the woman should remember that she must eat enough to nourish her baby as well as herself. Medical officers on shipboard, especially those of the junior grade, unfortunately in the past did not receive the respect and attention due their position, and consequently there were formerly numerous vacancies in the service. The doctor should ever bear in mind that the town clerk to whom his certificates go for record is not familiar with the nomenclature of diseases, and that therefore the causes of death should be so clearly inscribed that no mistakes could be made in recording them. Nineteen of these cases occurred in women, about two-thirds of whom were married, the lesion being on the right side. So what can be done in one instance can be done in all prochlorperazine other similar instances. The testes and cord are also frequently twisted in the hernia, and we may e.xpect that the omentum has undergone a similar process. Barrere, the acting President, after explaining at some length the events which led to the present Conference, introduced Professor Proust, who read an elaborate paper, in which, after reviewing the work of preceding Conferences, showing how effectually they had protected the immediate approaches to Europe from an invasion of cholera, he proceeded to detail the questions which the present Conference prospect was called to consider. Gunshot wounds, which have been the most common cause for this' operation, usually produce so much destruction of tissue as to make the salvation of periosteum a difficult matter: vigrande. There is all the diiiference in the world between a man who loves children and a man whom children love; and the highest tribute to the character of a person is that it may be said of him"children and dogs are fond of him." So much for digression. Prelezioiie letta all' delle lezioni Citiltlic (James). The earliest and most frequent sign by which the physician recognizes this disease is the loss of knee-jerks. Professor Flugge (Breslau) acknowledged that it was sometimes extremely difficult to find the bacilli of Koch, but declared his conviction that they were present in every case of tuberculosis. Region of Bamako was vaccinated.

Koplik's statement, that" the use of cataplasms cannot be justified on any scientific grounds," may be true. Proceedings on the occasion of laying the corner-stone of the new in Belmont, Philadelphia, including the addresses of the the completion of the uew building at Belnumt, presented at the joint meeting of the vestries of Christ Church and St. With au effects of heat as manifested in workmen iu Coppee (Charles). The other important thing about the exanthemata, which is also rather hard to get people to believe, is that the most contagious time is the earliest period of the disease, and not the latest.

In extension from disease of the ear it is often unilateral 100 and may be accompanied with abscess or with I great nia-organigms. In these cases I believe there are exposed nerve-points, when in the nasal cavity, for example, which may be either "articles" sensory or part of the olfactory system, which have become hypersensitive nerve-tumors, and are just as effective in causing asthma as obstructions or grosser lesions.

Some will take naturally to medical journalism, others to the laboratory, some to hospital work, while most of them will practise medicine in one or another department. An Intranasal Operation for Draining the Frontal presenting four cases illustrating its technique and showing its results.

I have been enabled to fully confirm the purchase statements of Dr.

Wahrfr asked whether there were degenerative nutritive changes in the nerves. John Ridlon wished to state that all painful conditions of the feet relieved by an arch supporter could not be regarded as cases of flat feet. The typhoid bacillus gets into the gall-bladder and presumably causes a low-grade inflammation there.


One eye from choroido-retinitis in early life; syphilis possible; gouty congestion of the damaged eye; diagnosis.

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