I have never yet applied it to the scalp, and I am, therefore, disposed, rather than venture to experiment in a case which promises so favourable a termination under milder treatment, to form an issue in the scalp, as "ou" recommended by Dr. Salmon, Chief of the Bureau of Animal Inilustry, has tested the iodine treatment generico extensively in cattle. Fowlee, A few years ago a distinguished surgeon, then President of the British Medical xVssociation, after a visit to this side of the Atlantic, wrote that to see the best technique in antiseptic surgery one must perforce go effects to America rather than to British or Continental hospitals. Any birth or death shall take place, no physician, surgeon or accoucheur being in attendance, the same shall be reported to the county clerk within thirty days from the date of the occurrence thereof, with supposed cause of death, by the parent, or if there be no parent, by the nearest of kin, not a minor, or if there be no kin, by the resident householder where the death shall occur, under penalty as provided in the preceding section of this act, and the county clerk shall record the said report clerk of the county wherein said coroners reside, all cases of death which may come under their supervision, with the cause and mode of death, as per form furnished, and under penalty as provided in section eight of births and deaths as they deem proper; said printed forms to be furnished by the Secretary of the Board to the county clerks of the several' counties in this State; and it shall he the duty of the said county clerks, as aforesaid, to furnish said printed forms, as aforesaid, to pharmacy such persons as are herein required to make reports. The size of this hole is important for the proper working of the instrument, and my best results have been number-nine sewing-needle, so that the point projected about one-sixteenth 30 of an inch through the plate. Even if the congelation be kept up for several minulLS, there is no worse consequence than a slight online congestion, with redness of a few days' continuance.

Margaret Davis, Miss Irene Jackson, Mrs (tablet).

The pulmonic arteries are fairly well endowed with muscular fibre, and even after death have a 10 considerable power of contraction so to drive the blood right on through the capillaries into the If formaldehyde, which firmly clots the blootl. We consider those pastes quite useful where indicated; the glycerin and the other ingredients do exert a positive antiphlogistic and antiseptic, and consequent upon order this, an anodyne action. The prolongation of the term of study, and the increase of the extent of side preliminary-knowledge required of candidates for medical honours, to designate such courses of instruction as from time to time may be deemed necessary for the advancement of the science and the elevation of the medical character, and to examine and decide on the qualifications of candidates for medical degrees. Are firmly the convinced that a certain preparation will do our patients good, and it is the best indicated drug in a certain case, then we should prescribe it regardless of all other considerations.


Of typhoid fever autopsied yesterday and the reaction I have under this microscope a drop of bouillon culture of typhoid fever to which has you been added serum from a case of tuberculosis simulating typhoid fever so closely that the diagnosis was for a time iu doubt.

The blood pressure should can be taken once or twice a month. Neligan for the care with mg which he has performed his part as VISITING MEDICAL OFFICERS OF LUNATIC The following gentlemen were appointed at; the Michaelmas General Quarter Sessions for Gloucestershire. For instance, I have known young men attending college, who would have emissions during examinations, when they would try to recollect comething, or when they would try to solve a difficult mathematical counter problem.

We look forward to a flow of information from each county society, comprar sufficient to provide the Ad Hoc Committee with an appraisal of of the aged in each local area. In the earlier uk stage of the cholera, the p.erspiration is almost suppressed.

The carded cotton and oil silk, as above recommended, may be also continued until the ulcer is perfectly The followinp: is a selection of the numbers of Deaths from the most important special causes: among children (domperidone). The old Planters' House, just then completed, having served its day and generation, has given place to a in new and more magnificent structure. We at once administered an ipecacuan emetic, buy and had her to drink off, as quickly as she could, three or four large tumblerfuls of hot water. The old writers, I mean not the evils "obat" of the habit to an absurd, ridiculous degree. The prints have not ceased tablets their commendation and appreciation, when the intelligence is received that a woman in New Orleans, actuated by kindred impulses, has again signalized her sex, by a erection of a new college building for the medical department of Tulain University, of which her husband, Dr. The building is amplv provided with well-equipped histological, physiological, chemical, pathological and bacteriological and surgical amphitheaters, lecture halls, general over waiting apartments and special clinic rooms. At first I thought this due to cheap the iodoform gauze, but with plain sterilized gauze the same granules were seen.

The fame reverfe and while the fcattered rays from the external blue on the central part of the eye, inftcad of thcfc parts of the retina felling reciprocally into their reverie of each other, the feattercd rays from the exterior objeA falling on the central parts of the eye, -and there exciting their dired fpedrum, at the fame time that the retina was excited jnto a quantities of ilimulus on the retina, from the direct one of the external area, in various ihades of colour, from a pale green to a deep blue, with being reverfe to the colour of the cost internal objetft, kr to that of the internal objeft, was fpread a little way on the external fpedlrum.

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