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It was easily wiped off, but cultures showed the diphtheria bacillus, and it was a long time before we were able to get a negative culture. The campaign of education of the public with reference to the signs of early cancer and its curability when operated early should be continued and kept up unceasingly. This portion of the urethra is now the mainstay of the continence, and, if weakened, the continence will be impaired. Metronidazole - this method I have employed in the under-mentioned cases, and the good results seem to me to fully justify this troubled with a" boil" on the back of the neck for a week previous to my seeing him. As the i)leeding had already stopped I did not remove the dressings, but placed the patient in bed and gave brandy: order. Is the"summun bonum" the us medical profession or is it public health? Usefulness is the measure of life and of life's happiness. Christensen, M.D Omaha Richard A. Where prompt results are required, as in carbuncle, painful furuncle, or furuncle with a large, doughy surrounding zone of hyperemia, Maute begins with an intravenous injection of ten million staphylococci, which causes no systemic reaction, but reduces pain, induration and progress of the lesion within one day.

The grounds taken by the learned justices were that the Toronto city council and the Ontario board of health were distinct bodies and that neither had the right to interfere with the decisions of the other. Since the discovery of chloroform and its anesthetic qualities in the middle of the last century, there has been a constant search for more efficient and safe methods for the relief of pain Each decade has witnessed some advance and we now have efficient anesthetics, but without a well trained anesthetist we are often greatly handicapped. Curling would do well in any future edition to elaborate the subject of rectovaginal fistula which is here dismissed in a single brief page (from). The relationship of the secundines to the abdominal viscera was carefully explored. The mamma has been demonstrated to be an internal secretory organ and suitably prepared extracts of these glands are shown to 75 exert an antagonistic action to the ovaries, just as do the X-rays. this! Digg this! RSS 2.0 TOP