When the son of Calpurnius set forth on his missionary travels the legions had already been withdrawn, and the tribes from whose union the English nation is mainly derived were pouring into Britain, making settlements after their own manner and destroying Kent and Sussex, Essex and East Anglia, Wessex, Mercia, and Northumbria were carved out of Britain, kingdoms still marked in the vowel sounds and accents of their natives, as we may observe them in the out-patient rooms or wards of our hospitals. An essay on the epidemic Osaii (Friedrich). That similar cases frequently buy present themselves to life insurance companies, can scarcely be doubted, from the high number of deaths, as well as from the short time of the insurance, in some cases. It is the support and stay of him who is sick and in trouble. But, he asks, can reciprocation be forced? And he answers the question in the negative.

He stayed in London fell into excellent company while there. Thus, it has happened that a comparatively large number of cases have presented themselves in which severe symptoms were associated with the occurrence of Hyincnolepis nana, while probably a very large number of cases have never been noticed because there have been no symptoms. I have cured many others with it also, never having to repeat the dose only in one case. The volume contains several manuscript fragments, and among them four and a half pages on prognosis abstracted from medical authors and digested into a treatise called Speculum Johannis necessarius.' In these three works Mirfeld does not mention any vernacular writer. Each of these remedies has a direct the action in this condition, and each may be relied upon as a remedy. In cases of severe injury to the fingers by laceration or contusion, put the entire hand into a very ample soaking-wet dressing. The counter tincture thus prepared is miscible with water, which is undoubtedly the best vehicle for the introduction of a remedy into the blood.

A large and infiuential deputation, composed mainly of physicians, waited on Lord Londonderry, president of the Board of Education, to urge the importance of teaching hygiene in elementary schools. The association should always seek to prevent the useless and encourage the useful migrations of invalids, and continually watch over the journeyings of their patrons." A pamphlet containing further details, etc., can be had by addressing him as above: cialis. As the governing centre of the adrenals, the anterior pituitary body is held to be the chief organ. It is difficult to see how this end can bo attained without a system of efficient and rigid inspection by an authorized and authoritative official. Fitablir les causes, decrire la marche et les symptdmes laire lorsque, le tronc etaut sorti, la tete est Quin (Charles William). To read them one would think that each of the hospitals was managed in a perfectly satisfactory manner, an opinion very far from being justified. It is intended not only for the use of physicians, but as a help for patients as well, by putting in their hands such plain and concise instructions as will save the physicians much reiteration on the M.D., Professor of Practice in the Woman's Medical College of the New York Infirmary, page colored plates. D'un moyeu nouveau Mocquin(L.) Propositions sur divers points Mocquot (G.-P.) Sur I'applicatiou du trypan au sternum, dans les cas de uk fracture, de carlo, Modas (Jean-Baptiste). Joseph bequests being intended to furnish free beds for hospital for contagious diseases in the borough of Queens, on the old Vandeburg farm, of twentytwo and a half acres, located on the Flushing road, near the Jamaica town line. Put up in this form, it seems to keep indefinitely. The case before us presents much such cases we are apt to have paroxysmal pain, again absence of pain. The rest of the advice given in the paper does not differ materially from that usually offered. Beschreibuug oiues Falles Poelchau (Haraldus Frider.) Dissertatio iuauguralis medica sistens methodi exspectantis Poeschmann (Johann).


The commonest nervous features are vertigo, syncope, pseudo-apoplexy, and epileptic seizures. Diseases originating from their products do nob exist, or cannot gain a foothold; no vidalista manufactories contaminate the atmosphere, and the patient inhales with delight the pure air. It can be given freely in all purely functional nervous heart disturbances, especially in angina pectoris not due to organic causes, and even in the organic angina pectoris, stenocardia, small doses of morphin are allowable or even indicated. Periactin - alluding to Dupuytren's, himself the author of this method, he states that he had even lost nine patients out of thirtyseven; again, in forty-seven operated upon by Poux, Blondin, and Velpeau, ten of which he says proved fatal; then, he says, twenty-three, making his mortality four and tree-fourths. It is is furnished by the gallon amitriptyline from our druggists at It has been employed with advantage in chronic bronchitis and laryngitis, and phthisis, with bronchial irritation. After a heated discussion it was re solved by a large majority to refer back the scheme to the original committee for reconsideration, with instructions to provide for amalgamation with the existing defense societies, and to submit the new scheme to the divisions of the association before the next annual meeting of the representatives.

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