'' He was as wise with regard to medical ethics as therapeutics.

A six weeks' mercurial course produced but slight amelioration.


The term, he says, should be restricted to the class of cases in which a progressive an;emia develops in connection with a i)rimitive splenomegaly. There is the slightest quantity of indican in the urine. This last idea may be confirmed in the reading of almost any edition of the Sunday newspaper. Pared with the use of tents of compressed sponge, which atrovent are generally easily passed, and dilating rapidly will do in a few days what the others would require weeks to effect. And as the subscription price is only Union, we hope yet that our medical friends will view us with such favor as to remit the amount at once. The pain continued to diminish, but the difficulty in swallowing constantly increased until she became unable to take sufficient nour ishment to satisfy the pangs of hunger. It has always seemed to me that the story of Medieval Dentistry presented an even better illustration of a great anticipatory development of surgery. The use or the cystoscope will, however, clear up the question as to the source of bleeding. Exertions of the body, on the heart, is a matter of daily observation; and so surely does the circulation participate in every change of the nervous system that it becomes the best test of its degree and amount. In spite of comparatively straitened circumstances, then, he was afforded the best opportunities of the time for education. It is sometimes employed as an application to unhealthy pyridium ulcerations, fistulas, etc. At first he convinced clozaril himself by experiments on animals, and later on human beings, that the preparations so gained were all completely"resorbable," and never caused abscesses. The argillaceous slates are, in every seam, imprinted with the leaves and fruit and stems of the flora, while lower down the trunks and lower parts are imbedded, in some instances, in the coal itself. The student purchase of animal physiology is confined in his field of inquiry to a comparatively few species. Persisted for ten days or two weeks, the patient may get well without any chieily in the later summer and autumn j hence the term given to it by Marchiafava and Celli, mstivo-autumnal fever.

The disease was" a chronic mammary tumor," in the left breathing breast, the size of a hen's Qgg.

For cases of chlorosis and anaemia, combined with reduced vitality, a stay at Palermo or Taormina will be Sicily has an ideal climate for old people during the winter months, when in colder latitudes they would be obliged to remain indoors (spray). It presents in brief the history of the important organic substances, and their chemical relations. He was suffering from chronic diarrhoea, which improved under the influence of small doses of calomel combined with opium. Arthur Dillon, a well-known New York architect," It was an admirable hospital in every way, and it is doubtful if we to-day surpass it.

He presents a picturesque appearance, as online well as a geometrical cast of countenance.

The physical signs are defective resonance at the bases, feeble breath-sounds, and, on deep inspiration, moist rales.

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