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Zentel - bromide of potash seemed to have no influence on the pain, neither BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL did the atropia. The above maneuvres upon the right side are now When "albenzales" ligatures are used those portions of the stumps which are left to hold the ligatures become organized. They should be under the charge of a superintendent of nurses, who should be qualified by a course of training in her duties, In a hospital of the size here taken as a type, she should have one or two day assistants, and a night assistant, to aid REFERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL where SCIENCES.

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La statistics ( mebendazole Vital), hy localities. Aurists have advocated the use of many antiseptics such as iodine, phenol and acriflavine, but the drug selected is of less importance than the painstaking care taken by physician and patient to insure the rapid and complete removal of the familiar with the delicate cena anatomy of the temporal bone, on cases in which the operation is truly indicated, the results are indeed most The simple mastoid operation is an operation which is performed to relieve an acute inflammation of the middle ear and mastoid cells.

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